Fashion Envi

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Ready for a walk down the runway? The red carpet? The Web is a great place to find fashion photos, but theyre all disorganized and hard to view on your iPhone. Fashion Envi takes the photos, organizes them and displays them in automated fashion shows. Like what you see? You can add related fashion collections right to the app.

From the styles you know and love to the latest trends, and from beautiful dresses to the accessories that add the perfect finishing touches, Fashion Envi displays Web-based fashion photos the way you would expect on the iPhone: full screen, with multi-touch controls, in automated slide shows or scrolling image arrays. Dresses, shoes, handbags, hairstyles, jewelry and other accessories. Fashion Envi brings them all from the Web to you. Weve even included wedding ideas. Just tap, sit back and watch the styles go by. See something you like? Pause the show and pull up the full Web site. Or save the photo off and take it shopping with you the next time you go. Or just show it off to your friends, so they can have Fashion Envi too.

Want more? You can add other fashion collections right to Fashion Envi. Even more in-depth collections of the apparel and accessories you see in the app. Fashion Envi is also more than just a bunch of pretty pictures, with access to Web-based information about the styles and designers as well.

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